Salutations, glad you dropped by! This is the on-line home for the Arbuckle Technology Society (ATS). We are a group of like-minded individuals in Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas that share interests in:

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, ...)
  • Technology (computer, mechanical, robotics, ...)
  • Electronics (home-brew, SMT, manhattan-style building, commercial kit building, ...)
  • Amateur (Ham) Radio (thank you F.C.C. for giving us band width)
  • Public Service (Storm Spotting, public safety, ...)

Being a rather "tech-savy" group, we use web solutions (as free and cheaply as we can find them) to help us organize our efforts as a society. As can be seen on the left, we have a Yahoo!Group and a Facebook page (more to come). We try to use all three of these venues to communicate our message to as broad a community as possible.

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Out mission, simply stated, is to extend, enhance, and cross-educate our membership in all areas of technology. Such areas as electronics, robotics, physics, computer networking, amateur radio, disaster preparedness, meteorology, and astronomy are typical.

As "cross-education" is a big part of our purpose, we are always looking to recruit people into our ranks to add to our collective skills and abilities. Once educated, we further enjoin our membership to "give back" to their local community as much as possible, either through mentorship, volunteering with a local charity, or direct public service through such agencies as the American Red Cross, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, or their local chapter of SkyWarn.

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Our Calendar of Events

Our meetings are typically at 6:00 pm, on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, at space graciously provided by Hudson Tire Company, 51A Tiffany Plaza, Ardmore OK. Other events happen when/as they happen because they are typically not ours, but rather something we attend as a group. Once discussed and finalized in our Yahoo!Group, we post them to a Google Calendar so that they might be displayed here.

The typical locations for our meetings are:

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Finding Us On the Web

Hopefully, finding us on the web is, well, easy. You are already one third of the way there (you found this web site). Here you will learn about the Society, our bylaws, our mission, and those things that we wish to "set in stone." This site might well grow out of a good "Educational Meeting" presentation, as we learn about new areas of Technology through our membership.

We have a Yahoo!Group for the bulk of our formal communications of such things as:

  • Our "Events Calendar."
  • Business meeting agenda/minutes/etc.
  • Files associated with our "Education Meetings" (supplemental presentation materials, etc.).
  • Links that the membership find worthy of permanent enshrinement for future generations to excavate.

Our Facebook page is more of our on-line "rag chewing" area. General announcements, famous birthdays, etc. are all fair game on Facebook.

REGARDLESS of where we communicate, our members are tasked with maintaining a respectful, kid-friendly, educational demeanor in all posts.

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History of Ham Radio in Ardmore OK
There is a wonderful video on Youtube that documents the 1952 Field Day.